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According to the reporter , 16 am , Chinese short track speed skating team at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center ice training. Close mens gucci belts  to noon , the team conducted a final relay race training , and as usual mix of men and women be arranged . Wang Meng was the male players and a collision occurred , Wang Meng then fell out , then she would have to raise their hands their feet circumstances . When the doctor came off the coach and Wang Meng skates , found her ankle swelling has occurred. Short track speed skating team immediately call the emergency call, the Wang Meng to Shanghai Huashan Hospital .Huashan Hospital 's team of experts after consultation that Wang Meng 's injury is more serious , is a double fracture of tibia and fibula right ankle , unable to conservative treatment , the need for surgery.




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vendredi 17 janvier 2014 03:39

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For once again sidelined through injury , Bryant did not get discouraged . "I'm in a good mood ." Bryant said, "I need to do now is to work  north face denali jackets hard to restore , to fight back playing as soon as possible and this is the player 's job ."Earlier, the media and fans throughout the season truce proposal Bryant , completely keep a good injury . Even if the Lakers missed the playoffs , they can also make a difference in the draft . But this, Bryant made ​​it clear that he never had such thoughts. "I never take into account an entire season north face outlet store  without playing my task is to get rid of injuries, back as soon as possible , as much as possible to become stronger, and then return to the court ." Bryant said.Of course, for the injury ,  Bryant admitted that he still has a regret , it is just the state was forced to stop back again . . " Tony - Allen is the best defense player in my defense ," Bryant said, " in his bit , I played the best performance after comeback may find the rhythm in my time, it suffered a such injuries . "




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jeudi 26 décembre 2013 02:42

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after the Second World War altogether on the sidelines . In La Liga , as determined in advance to win the general trend , coupled with injuries , jordan retro shoes  Messi from April 1 no complete play a few games, since the new season is the injury again and again . Accurate to say that in 2013 this calendar year , the Macy's only high- performance light in 1-3 month period of time, in September and crazy a whole month , in addition, the highlights are not many Argentines . This year he competed Golden Globe biggest advantage is that he accumulated through four consecutive unrivaled popularity.C Lo : I'm very into the fight is no good without a crownBesides C Lo . "Real Madrid ( microblogging official data ) commander " ( Blatter language ) in the 2012-13 season, played 55 games and scored 55 goals, efficiency is hardly  lost on Messi, but the effort down season , but all three ended up empty tragic ending. League and King's Cup double runner-up, stop the Champions League semi-finals . Thus, although mens retro jordan shoes C Lo quite hard work ahead , scoring as many as 24 goals in the new season of 17 games and assists seven times, but never won the championship became his biggest Achilles heel. In fairness to the outstanding performance of C Luo




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After the game, Kidd 's performance is called " marvelous ." In the first overtime in the final 55 seconds , Kidd hit consecutive three -pointers jordan 1 retro  , one to change the situation ; audience shot 37 times Jamal - Jamal Mashburn will take in the second overtime 42 points to the audience of seven points to help the Mavericks in the second overtime to maintain a high standard , leading eventually to 14 to 5 this overtime , scored the cheap retro jordans  final victory.This can be used to describe the magnificent ball completely . Rockets actually in the game most of the time are in the lead, but the Mavericks ahead score in the fourth quarter ; When the calf is about to win the game , Sam - Sam Cassell thirds vote in the final 1.9 seconds left in the game when , send the game into overtime. Clearly, Kidd still let Dallas had the last laugh .





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Perhaps , in this star-studded campaign , the whole play Bosh is not the most stable person, but to lay Hibbert , hit a key three ,  cheap gucci belts only two key nodes already proved his value , the most underrated person again proved himself . Heat beat Pacers 97-94 home reversal to get three in a row , James and Chalmers heated argument in the third quarter , " the emperor " after three Chalmers took the initiative to apologize to eliminate infighting .Heat and Pacers battle fierce , fiery pitch , even it is inevitable because the race did not go well and the dispute between teammates. Chalmers poor performance in the third quarter , some bad mistakes and fouls.  cheap gucci belts In a communication ring true cause Paul - George obtained after the third space opportunity , James Chalmers intolerable state , the court will issue a roaring hot fire control to guard .




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